SmithFly review in Deneki’s weekly newsletter and El Poquito in the TFM 12 Day’s of Christmas

Last week the good folks over at Deneki Outdoors posted a review of SmithFly’s gear on their Blog. And this week that same review appeared in their weekly newsletter in the top spot! Totally awesome!

It’s frankly an amazing review, and I’m eternally grateful to them for the positive thoughts. In case you were wondering, no I didn’t pay them for that and you can read their mandatory FTC CYA material over here . I did send them some samples to test out. Please visit their site for the whole review, here is one of our favorite parts though.

Your core fishing gear goes in the pouches, with each pouch loaded according to a specific fishing situation.  For example, you might make a streamer pouch that has your streamer fly box, 1x and 2x tippet, a measuring tape, a hook file, some bullet weights and forceps.  Your baetis pouch might have your baetis fly box, 3x – 6x tippet, dry shake, extra tapered leaders and nippers.  Making sense so far?

So if you’re doing some trout fishing in January and you’re joining your buddy in his drift boat, you grab your baetis pouch and your streamer pouch and slap them on the outside of your boat bag.  Inside the boat bag goes your lunch and thermos and maybe your nice camera.

SmithFly Pouch and BeltPouch attached to belt.

The next weekend you’re fishing the same piece of water but this time you’re on your own, on foot.  This is where the system shines – just grab that streamer pouch and that baetis pouch, strap them onto your wading belt, and hit the road without worrying that you’re forgetting your hook file or your measuring tape.  It’s a great concept.

I’ve been trying to sum it up like that for a while, I think they did a marvelous job of nailing exactly why the system is soo cool, and I’m not just saying that because I cam up with the idea… ok I am slightly biased since it is my little start-up business type thingy.
Secondly Look for our AD in the holiday issue of the Drake too, can’t wait for that!
Oh and check out the Fiberglass Manifesto’s 12 Days of Christmas for a chance to win your very own SmithFly El Poquito.
Things are starting to get a bit crazy around Fiddle and Creel / SmithFly world headquarters, and that’s a good thing. If only the rivers would drop so we could get and hook into some Lake Erie steelhead…

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