I can’t go for that in a Van – Nikki Bluhm and the Gramblers

Ok so I’m a sucker for a girl that take a good kazoo solo, let’s just get that out of the way right now, and who isn’t really?

That being said,I think, if properly recorded, (and by that I mean, not from the dashboard of a van while driving)  this version of this tune could be in the same category as Jimi’s All ALong the Watchtower. Heresey? Perhaps, but hear me outThis version of this tune takes a tune that was weak and mis directed, incomplete, bland, and unmemorable and transforms it into a powerful, concentrated, hooky, pop tune that could actually get some airplay and get some exposure amongst the unwashed masses.

Who can resist a girl like her saying “I’ll do anything, that you want me to do,” followed by, “I can’t go for that.” That’s powerful stuff.

To further explain my Hendrix analogy look at “All Along the WatchTower.” As a Dylan tune it was weak and fairly forgettable. The melody didn’t have much going, there any changes, and it was built around the same three chords over and over again. Like most Dylan stuff there wasn’t really any hook to speak of, but the core idea of a song was brilliant and amazing. Dylan was right on and I’m not knocking him. It’s just that it took the genius of Hendrix to unlock the true power of the hidden gem buried inside Dylan’s deadpan delivery and plain Jane arrangement. When Hendrix hit’s those first few notes it’s on from the word go and it’s pur genius.

So too, here Nikki Bluhm has taken an otherwise boring tune from the eighties and turned it into a real powerful trip behind the scenes of a patchy relationship between a desperate woman and douche bag of guy who wants more from his lady but she won’t go for that, no can do.

And Earl Scruggs died last night, that sucks. In fact it sucks so bad I can’t even write about it… sucks.



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