A fishing trip saved by my SmithFly Modular Gear

The 3X prototype on my wading belt. Also in the pic is the rod butt holder that will snap on anywhere you have some webbing, another addition to the line up.

So Friday was a unique evening because my wife was doing a “girl’s night out” and my parent’s could watch my two boys. So I hit the local smallmouth river after work for a few hours.

When I arrived, I rigged my rod, donned my waders and tied on a popper. Yes, I know, it’s strange; it’s April and the Smallmouth are hitting poppers like it’s June, go figure. There’s not much better than the surprisingly enthusiastic take of a smallmouth on a popper. You’ll catch more fish on subsurface flies but seeing them hit it, is where it’s at.

So I grabbed my SmithFly Boat Bag, yes I do use it to wade too and as soon as I grabbed it, I realized, EGADS, I had left the shoulder strap for the bag at home. SHIT and DOUBlE SHIT!

You see, I’ve been working on a new prototype for a messenger bag (check back here for pics of that item later) and I was using the shoulder strap for my boat bag to check out the fit, and I’d left it attached to the prototype messenger bag.

But because the SmithFly Pouches are modular I was able to take one of them off, the prototype-super-secret-next-year’s-model, 3X Pouch off of the Boat Bag and wear it by itself on my wading belt! How badass is that? This is pouch is 12″ wide and 6″ tall, a bit bigger than the current 2X and made to be the full width of the boat bag.

I could get my my smallmouth tippet spools, my big streamer box, and spare leaders in that one pouch. Pretty much everything I NEEDED, I just had to leave the “nice-to-haves” in the car like the DSLR, tripod, rain jacket etc etc. Then I took my Poquito and clipped it over top of my waders, and I was off. Shooweee, thank the lord for modularity!

That saved me having to drive all the way home and fetch my strap. The beauty of modularity.

In fact, that reminds me, I need to get on those vendors about getting me prices for that 3X pouch.

The Great Miami River. Looks quiet but it's full of smallies hungry for poppers.
This, is the capital of shit eating grin territory.

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