Scatter, spook, split, see ya later.

Scatter, Spook, Split, See ya latter.

Step lightly, move slightly,
Still scatter.

Wade Carefully, trod softly,
Still Spook.

Cast quietly, haul carefully,
Still split.

Place rightly, twitch gently,
See ya later.

I have repellent on my legs.
A force field.

Drop the fly, strip the fly,
Bring it so close.

Not close enough, closer,
Too far.

It’s going that way,
Now it’s going that way.


2 O’clock, left to right
strip strip strip, pause.

Turned, heading away from us
turned again, pause.

Re-cast, farther next time
Too far.

Headed right.
Still headed right, spooked.

Right there, eat.
Eat, EAT!

Missed him.

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