Gibson settles with the Feds over Madagascar Ebony, Ring tailed lemurs rejoice.

So gibson settled with the Feds.

The full text of the settlement is over here.

I’ll save you the boring stuff and cut to the chase. Basically they settled and admitted to some wrong doing in exchange for the feds not prosecuting them any further. $350,000 seems like a lot to me, but hey making these things go away can be expensive right?

Gibson has a hilariously one sided intro complete with “BUT DAD, thats UNFAIR” moments like this.

“We feel that Gibson was inappropriately targeted, and a matter that could have been addressed with a simple contact by a caring human being representing the Government. Instead, the Government used violent and hostile means with the full force of the U.S. Government and several armed law enforcement agencies costing the taxpayer millions of dollars and putting a job-creating U.S. manufacturer at risk and at a competitive disadvantage. This shows the increasing trend on the part of the Government to criminalize rules and regulations and treat U.S. businesses in the same way drug dealers are treated. This is wrong and it is unfair.

Gibson gets caught and then whines when the government prosecutes them, freakin cry baby’s,

So what Gibson would prefer is that when the feds think criminal activity is taking place, the feds should call the criminal and ask them about the alleged activity and let them know before showing up? That’s a GREAT idea! Keep dreamin’ Gibson.

Secondly, the settlement makes clear that Gibson knowingly bought Ebony without the proper documentation, on the supposedly, “grey market.” And that supposedly employees knew about the grey market ebony and told superiors about the problem and nothing was done.

So I must apologize for my earlier post on this matter, and say the feds might just be right this time? And Gibson settling just proves that they knew exactly what was going on and failed to do anything about it, and now they are covering their asses and preventing their people form going to jail over this by paying up. The price of a Les Paul just went up.


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