A nice day on the Great Miami

Every once in a while the stars align and things fall into place without any planning whatsoever. I hadn’t planned on fishing yesterday. In fact I was supposed to be installing graphics in Cinci all day. But luckily we managed to get all that work done on Thursday and I was able to take the day off.

It just so happened that Ben was in town for a wedding and was to be floating the Great Miami with Donnie when I called him on Thursday to ask what was up, serendipity.

So, yesterday I spent a nice day on the Great Miami River fishing for smallmouth. We ended up with a few rock bass and one decent greenie as well. We had plenty of cold fried chicken, good and not-so-good beer, poppers, Clousers, craw-dad patterns and a lot of fun.

It wasn’t an EPIC day but it was, just fine. Which means, they weren’t biting like would we hoped, but we brought plenty of fish (30+) to hand. The big ones didn’t seem to be too active. We had one 13″, one 14″ and one 15″, all the rest were in the 10-12″ range. So, while not EPIC, it was a good way to spend a day for sure.

2 thoughts on “A nice day on the Great Miami

  1. The weather has been so beautiful the past week or so and I’m envious of anyone who’s fishing since I still have two weeks on crutches to get through. Glad you had a well-deserved great day, if not epic. I’ve been wanting to fish the Miami but haven’t made it up that way yet.

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