SmithFly 2X Pouch to the rescue

New Stream Team member Henry Jackson sent a note about how he is using his 2X pouch this weekend.

A delayed departure for a four day backpacking trip had me looking over my gear, scratching my head over what could be left behind or rearranged, and after making a few modifications I was relatively satisfied with everything but my medical kit. That’s not unusual, as a Wilderness-EMT I’m quite picky about my medical gear and am never happy with the mass produced first aid kits out there. Then I noticed my 2x Pouch peeking at me from across the room and the idea hit like a rock to the head; it’s the perfect med bag for a short backpacking trip! I know the tough material won’t give out on me, the large center pocket holds all manner of trauma pads, gloves, moleskin, ace bandages, and rolls of tape, and the outside pouches are perfect for stuffing full of standard over-the-counters. Better yet, the fastening straps on the rear of the 2x Pouch allow me to strap it to the outside of my pack where it’s quickly accessible, much better than having to dig it out from the bottom of a 65-liter pack while a buddy is bleeding. Now fully satisfied and quite pleased with myself, one last stroke of brilliance snuck out of my brain. If the El Poquito will hold pliers, I bet it would hold trauma shears too….yep, perfect fit. And, better yet, it straps directly to the front of the 2x so my shears will be in easy reach should the need to expose an injury arise.

The versatility of SmithFly gear is insane and I’ve never been happier with mine! With a little thought and some ingenuity this gear can do anything and it’s made-in-the-USA toughness can be counted on not to let you down! Whether your totin’ fly boxes, lunch, medical supplies, or any of your other gear, SmithFly has got you covered!

We are very excited to have a quite a few new additions to the Stream Team ranks and unfortunately I’m sadly delinquent in announcing those.
I’ll get those posted in the next few days.


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