Man Code Rule number 473, Don’t EVER ask to borrow a chainsaw.


A youngster here at the office just violated Man Code Rule #473 — he asked to borrow my chainsaw.

Here it is  for the uninformed…
Man Code Rule #473: Don’t ask a guy to borrow his chainsaw.

End of story.

Like ladies — Chainsaws are not to be shared.

Now that I think about it, Chainsaws are quite a bit like Ladies…

1. Each one is an individual and needs to be treated as such.
2. The sharp ones cut the best.
2. If they don’t start at first, be patient.
3. Judicious lubrication is required.
4.They are NOT to be shared.
5. Don’t ever ask to borrow one.
6. If operated improperly, they do bite.
7. They are marvelous and complicated.
8. There’s usually a trick to getting one going.
9. Good ones are there when you need them.
10. Bad ones aren’t worth the trouble to have around.

There, that’s my comparison of chainsaws and ladies.

Now, go get yourself a Farm Boss if you don’t already have one.

2 thoughts on “Man Code Rule number 473, Don’t EVER ask to borrow a chainsaw.

  1. Absolutely!!! Chainsaws are very personal items and you just KNOW that anyone borrowing yours will either hurt themselves with it or break something important. Period. Don’t ask.

    Stihl man here, too. MS-280

  2. I loaned mine to a neighbor last year and he returned it with the pull start cord separate from the chainsaw. I was able to fix it, but now have even a shorter cord to start it with.

    Never again….

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