Ethan Smith is the founder and principal of SmithFly Designs. His manifesto on the relationship between fly fishing and bluegrass called “The Fiddle and the Creel, Connecting the dots between one artistic anachronism and another” appeared in the 2011 Fly Fishing Edition of Gray’s Sporting Journal.

This blog exists to cover a multitude of things that I and a lot of folks like me find interesting. I fish with a fly. I pick the mandolin and guitar. I’m working on learning to hunt birds over a skinny English Setter named Nick. I like to jam. I like to watch other people jam. I like to drink good beer around a warm campfire, and I’d like to do more of all those things.

If you’d like to get a hold of me shoot me an email:

7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Excellent thanks for stopping by, Joona. I’ve seen the site, keep up the good work.

    There is something musical about fly fishing and something fishy about music, no?

  3. Nice Site!

    I too am now addicted to flyfishing and bluegrass. 35 years ago, I inherited my grandfather’s orvis split cane rods, and his 1933 Gibson F5. Best of all was the stack of black and white photos of him and his buddies fishing, playing music, and camping in the Maine (?) woods. There’s a book in there somewhere, or at least a song.

    Now living in South Dartmouth, MA, seeing more saltwater fish than fresh.

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