SmithFly link in Deneki newsletter

I always enjoy the weekly Deneki newsletter, but this week was extra special because it contained a link to SmithFly! Thats a pretty big endorsement if you ask me, and no I didn’t pay for that spot. If anyone sees a lot of gear and what happens to that gear from HEAVY use and abuse it’s the folks that run places like Alaska West, and BC West. Those places will chew up cheap gear and spit it out in shreds, and that’s just the kid of abuse that SmithFly gear was built to endure day in and day out…

It’s also nice to be mentioned alongside the Howler Brothers stuff too. Those guys are cool and I like what they are doing. I got the chance to meet them at IFTD, one of them plays a pretty mean guitar too.

Sidearms and Fly Fishing and Catch #19

If this is you, CALL ME, I can help.

The latest issue of Catch Magazine is out. In it, there is a compelling image (shown above) presumably, of guides in Alaska carrying their trademark .44 caliber bear deterrents.

This is a perfect example of the folks who need the SmithFly Switch vest. With all the tactical type attachments and holster options available for the MOLLE system that the Switch Vest is based on, you would no longer need to jury-rig up such obviously awkward holster set-ups. Cameron from TMF and a number of other folks at IFTD mentioned that the Switch vest would be great for guides in Alaska who want to carry a 44.

Now having said that, Miles Nolte also told me that there is some debate among the guide world as to whether or not a side arm is the proper deterrent. I think I remember him saying that he preferred a shot gun with a big slug, and I buy that too. But hey to each his own right? If that’s you carrying the clumsy rig pictured above in the field, you need to go on over to  and shoot (see what I did there?) me an email and I will hook you up. Now you can wear a fishing vest, waist pack or boat bag, designed specifically  for fishing, but PH balanced for a .44 caliber revolver.