Thomas and Thomas Fly Rod Giveaway

As far as quality, legacy, charm, character, fit and finish, fishability, art, science, and perfection in fly rods go, it’s hard to top a Thomas and Thomas. Comparing rods from various makers at this level is like comparing supermodel girlfriends you could do it but, why? Just count your blessings and enjoy the time you get to spend with her.

Yesterday, T&T announced that they will be giving away your choice of rods to one person who “likes” them onF-book follows them on Twitter or subscribes to their newsletter. So what are you waiting for, go get it done and maybe you could own a super model fly rod of your own for no more than the cost of a click or two.

Here are some details from their announcement:

When we reach 800 likes on Facebook, 800 follows on Twitter and 800 subscribers to our monthly newsletter, we will draw one lucky winner from that pool. That winner will be able to select one rod from any line that is presently in the T&T catalog—except for bamboo. Our apologies to the T&T bamboo faithful.

One rod from any line, in any weight and any length. HelixHorizon IINS5SSSTNTSpey,Switch and even Heirloom glass lines are all fair game. From big salt to small stream, the choice is yours.

River Why DVD now available for purchase.

Well I guess they finally caved… the River Why DVD is now available for purchase over here. After posting the photo above, I realized that this movie has a seriously “chick flick” looking cover, I mean of all the scenes to put on the cover, really, a big lame make out session, what are we 16 years old? But alas, I suppose that’s way of pop culture to boil it down to sex. I guess in a way that’s what the book ultimately ends up being about, so it’s topical and pertinent albeit a bit base and typical. The book is so much more than that though.

English teachers love Catcher in the Rye for it’s raw unvarnished look inside the head of a teenage boy, but to me that book is fairly one dimensional for that reason. However, The River Why gives us a look into the entire human psyche and how it grows and changes, how we discover things and experience things and how our view of the world changes as we encounter the world one experience at a time. The River Why  does some serious delving into those deep dark channels in our minds. You should go get this movie right now, better yet, you should buy the book first if you don’t already have it, then watch the movie.

If all that literary nonsense is lost on you, then you can at least buy the DVD for the Amber Heard Nude scene, that’s probably worth the price of admission.

Thank you Mr. [C.F.] Martin

I saw this on the this morning and thought I needed to share it here. Its a cool video posted by the C.F. Martin company of their factory in 1939, where they are building what appear to be D sized guitars. DROOOOL!

Based on the value of current Martin guitars from the era this recording was made, I’d say there is nothing shy of a small fortune shown in this video.

So here we are again confronted with the notions of things made in the USA. C.F.Martin being a great example of things still made in the USA.

I know this is toeing the thin line just this side of mawkishness, but I think the video above illustrates the ways things should be. There’s no rushing in the video. There’s not much automation. Things are standardized and jigged to make it easy to produce enough guitars to make money, but still enough hand work to make things enjoyable and not dull. The workers in this video are certainly craftsman of the highest order. However, we don’t see them pondering their existence in zen-like state of mind and or ruminating on the thickness of a plane shaving. They are just plain getting some good guitars built, some of the best ever built I should ad.

But to be honest, these guys are there to make money and put food on the table, while working with tools and their hands and being active. It doesn’t look easy, but it doesn’t look as taxing a days work in the mines either. Sure there are probably OSHA violations in there somewhere. But I think this an example of what we need to moving towards as a society and what I think much of the small makers are enjoying, be it the Bamboo rod builders, or custom luthiers business.

Jobs like these find a balance between craftsmanship and production. Between hand work and automation. Where things of quality are built to last a lifetime and that appreciate in value over time. Things that find their way into our grandchildren’s hands long after we are gone. That’s what we should producing more of and building on. Functional works of art.

I digress… see you on the blown out river or in the jam circle, maybe, if the water level drops a little bit more, and Uncle Gary brings the shine.

Build your own Reel with a Kit from the Eclectic Angler

All brass, bi-metal and all aluminum reel kits from the eclectic angler. COOL!

I saw this interesting post over on Fish Flies and Water and thought it worth sharing. Now you can build and customize your own reel with a kit from the Eclectic Angler. Yes it is a kit, so in the purest sense you aren’t realy “making” the reel, you’re just doing the final assembly. So no, you probably won’t end up being the next Tibor “Ted” Juracsik, but you will end up with a more intimate knowledge of what makes the innards of a reel tick and you might end up with a nice reel for that bamboo rod you just made. Sounds like something to ad to the list, “Some Day I’ll do that.”

As for the “Do it right now” list – overhaul my workshop is right at the top and planned for next week. Stay tuned for the play-by-play.

Graphene! Could a clear fly rod be in your future?

Graphene: A one atom thick bit of chicken wire.

Unless you’ve been out of touch and off on the Kvijak hooking giant Rainbows you’ve probably heard that the Nobel Prize for Physics went to some guys who discovered this stuff called Graphene.

Graphene is a one-atom-thick planar sheet of sp2-bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice.

Why do I think my readership, a bunch of misanthropic troglodytes, would be interested in some new fangled technology, like graphene?

Because I think that maybe this Graphene stuff could be layered up to make a more stealthy fly rod, – A CLEAR ONE!

Thats right a clear fly rod.

Pair that up with the new more stealthy clear fly lines and we are talking about the ultimate, spooky fish hunting tools. Don’t get me wrong I love bamboo and all that traditional stuff, but if I could have clear fly rod that preforms as well as an opaque one, sign me up!

There are certain circumstances where that would be a nice advantage.

So here is the message to the fly rod designers, take a page from Gary Loomis’s textbook and go stand out in the parking lot where these guys work and when they come out ask them how to layer this stuff up, glue it together and wrap it around a mandrel. That is a recipe for GOLD I tell you!

On the Road and the River, with the Meandering Boo Boy.

Meandering Boo Boy with a decent and I'm sure "incidentally hooked" bull trout, nice work!

Man, wow, just when you think you’ve heard of all the cool jobs in the world, along comes Sweetgrass Rod’s new position, Meandering Boo Boy. Zac Sexton will be keeping a blog of his fishing junkets and posting them over on their blog. A quote is below. Good luck Zac, we look forward to reading about your adventures. For those of us who are chained to our desks 5 days a week, we applaud your effort, salute your dedication to actual Trout Bummery and give you a big hand for taking a vow o poverty so that the rest of us can live vicariously through your stories.

During a recent conversation, Dave Delisi and I, talked about the revised web site and other shop news. I love to write, and fish more than I do much else. I’ve tried to work, but it just doesn’t work out that well. I am usually found wading meandering streams, casting cane (or one of Sam’s wonderful carbon fiber rods) – if I am found at all. Given my propensity to fish, and tell tall, adventurous tales, Dave and I thought it might be interesting to post stories on the Sweetgrass site, to keep visitors coming back to the shop – either online or in person. We cast the idea to Glenn and Jerry, who were happy to go ahead with the project.

Therefore, I am happy to announce my official designation as the Meandering Boo Boy, and will be posting weekly blogs on the Website. The blogs will cover my adventures a stream, casting Sweetgrass cane. They may be short, amusing stories, details of life in the shop, or just a pictorial from a recent fishing trip.

And welcome Moldy Cummers, this blog apparently got posted to their front page, thanks boys!