Gunshows and old side by sides

Went to a gun show this weekend. Unfortunately the show in question has degraded into a para-military concealed carry freak show/ flea market. The number of assault rifles, semi-automatic hand guns and dragon/crystal emblazoned replica barbarian swords out number the classic side by side shotguns 10 to 1. I did happen to find one really nice side by side but since it was un attributable French made box lock I decided it wasn’t worth the $350 he had marked on it. That got me thinking about being more prepared as I shop for the right old side by side. So from now on I’m going to take a list of things to look for with me to my next gun show, which will in all likely hood will be one of theĀ  Tri-State Gun Collectors Club show in Lima although I’m not sure when. In researching how to buy old shotguns I ran across a couple good articles, I’m sure there are many more out there.

One from the LC Smith Collector’s Association.

Another on case hardening from the Double Gun Journal over here… the description of case hardening and how to tell it apart from torch tempering (aka fake case colors) is very useful.

With color case-hardened surfaces, the colors observed do not in general change with the viewing angle relative to the surface…

New Years Eve Upland Hunt

On New Years Eve, I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in an Upland bird hunt at the Mill Creek Hunting Preserve near Marysville Ohio. It was quite a big hunting party with a bunch of guys. We had few veterans, a few newbies, a few old dogs, a few young pups and a good time all the way around. The photos below show a little bit of the fun we had but never quite capture the full experience. Thanks to the Dons for putting on such a fun event, it was a BLAST.

Pheasants from Public Land in Ohio

We headed to one of our state public hunting grounds yesterday and flushed a few birds. Three Quails, Two Pheasants, and a Woodcock. However woodcocks were out of season, quail are off limits due to lack of numbers, but we did take down two pheasants. Pictures are below.

Boo Is On Point for our first Pheasant of the day

First Bird, flushed from thick cover on the edge of a pond.

Close up of the first bird in hand.

Left to right: Boo, Pheasant, & Me

Dogs are as Smart Toddlers, I wish my kids could point on Grouse.

I wish my toddler could point like this!

I wish my toddler could point like this! has an interesting story on Canine intelligence,

“In my view, pet dogs can be regarded in many respects as ‘preverbal infants in canine’s clothing,'” he said, adding that many dog-owner relationships mirror human parental bonds with children.

In one of many recent studies conducted by the team, Topal and his colleagues taught both a 16-month-old human child and mature dogs to repeat multiple demonstrated actions on verbal command — “Do it!,” shouted in Hungarian.

The actions included turning around in circles, vocalizing, jumping up, jumping over a horizontal rod, putting an object into a container, carrying an object to the owner or parent, and pushing a rod to the floor.”

That sounds like everything I tell my kid not to do. But what I really want to know is, can I train a two year old to sniff out and point on a grouse in a dense briar patch, now that would be something!