SmithFly gets a great review from on Field and Stream’s Fly Talk Blog.

SmithFly got a great review from Kirk Deeter on the Field and Stream’s Fly Talk blog today.

There are so many good quotes in there, that I don’t even know where to begin, but his intro is just KILLER. I love it…

You know what we don’t see nearly enough of in fly fishing these days? Products that actually work better than advertised. We’re promised everything from rods that will seemingly cast themselves to waders that wear like footie pajamas, and rarely does the performance really, truly live up to the billing.

SmithFly, an Ohio-based manufacturer of modular fishing gear, on the other hand, over-delivers.

I did a podcast interview with Tim Romano today. That should be up over on Midcurrent pretty soon. Hopefully I don’t end up sounding like a giant doofus. Jury’s out on that… but I think I did, ok.

If you haven’t seen some of the cool stuff those guys have been up to recently, you should check out Tim fishing for baby Tarpon on a Tenkara rod, Seriously!¬†And the article Kirk just posted of fly fishing for giant Arapaima! Those guys get to do some seriously cool stuff.