Tunes from the Wagon – Breakin Rocks

In the second of our Tunes from the Wagon series comes an original tune I wrote a while ago called “Breakin Rocks.” This is the version from our EP that was really big in Japan.

Its one I wrote about some time I did in a Mississippi Big House around 1935. Those were tough times, but I got through it.

Check it out over here – Breaking Rocks

(Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to embed these suckers, for now its justa link.)

Redfish report from Mr. Banjovi


A nice Low Country Redfish


I got this most excellent Redfish grip and grin photo from my favorite banjo player today, the one-and-only founding member of Big Red and the Wagoneers John Banjovi. Looks like you had a blast out on the Isle of Palms, we salute your dedication to all things pre-war, ol’ timey and slimey!



Mr. Banjovi gettin it done at Byrne's Pub a good while ago.