When all else fails, hit the farm pond.

Got in some casting practice on the blown out muddy creek.

We headed out Friday evening in search of smallmouth and rock bass on the local creek. Its a great area, perfect wading, nice broken up water with riffles and pools, and usually pays off with some nice fish. But unbeknownst to us, it was like chocolate milk and the fish were not biting. So after a quick phone call my fearless leader got us on to a farm pond and saved the day. The large mouth were hitting pretty well when got there. The bite lasted for all of about half an hour, it was so much action I didn’t snap any photos. The pics below were from the old blown out creek.

At one point I snapped the shutter and a fish jumped right at the same time. So I got this ghost like pan fish photo, pretty cool.

Strip that streamer!

Just happened to hit the shutter right when this pan fish jumped out of the water.