Tim Carter pays tribute to the legendary Earl Scruggs with an original Waltz and video montage, worth every second.

Some years ago I did the album cover and layout work for Tim Carter’s solo album Bang Bang, as well as the logo for his record company and recording studio Tree-O-Records in Goodlettsville TN. He has good tunes on the record and the studio has some great talent working there all there time. Tim is also a Fly Fisherman, and I mentioned him in my article for Gray’s Sporting Journal last year, so he has a special place in the heart of the Fiddle and Creel Hall of Fame.

I haven’t mentioned much about the legendary Earl Scruggs’s passing, mainly because there just wasn’t much for me to contribute that hadn’t already been said. Everytime I’d start to type something, I’d get so bummed out, I’d just delete the shit.

Tim posted an amazing tribute to Earl this week and I am VERY pleased to share it here. It’s a somber number, from a friend in Bluegrass, about a friend in Bluegrass. Enjoy!

Tim and his brother Danny will be performing at the Hog’s Breath Saloon in KW starting June 25th so if you’re down there on the tail end of the Tarpon migration, or you’re chasing bones or otherwise in need of good old fashioned banjo blitzing, go see them! They are well worth the price of admission, you will not be disappointed. Tim also plays the heck out of a mandolin too.

Islands from Space

Wired.com has an excellent photo essay on interesting and unique island formations as viewed from space. The collection of photos is from both astronauts and satellites. My personal favorite is of Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. I’m not sure if the underwater calcium carbonate sand dunes would be productive bone fishing areas but I’m sure that little back-bay flat area would be fun to go looking for them anyway.

This weekend I’m headed out to do some local smallie fishing, maybe the last of the season. Water leaves are good, leaves are mostly down and the fish are probably munching hard to get ready for the long winter. Can’t wait.

ELuthra Island, Bahamas