Won’t you take me to, Skunky Town.

Getting ready to head, the sun looked cool.

Getting ready to head out, the sun looked cool.

I hit theMad River this morning. I think the reports have been written more in the interest of keeping people away than keeping them informed. The never ending negatitivty about the water levels and weeds, is complete hooey. Yes, the river is low, but the fish were rising all morning. In fact I played out the insult picture below. As I was tying my first fly of the morning a nice brown came right out of the water and flew through the air not more than 20 feet in front of me. Alas that was as close as I would come to bringing one to hand this morning. Rises were everywhere and the BWOs were plentiful. I found a few tricos too, which might have been what they were keyed in on, because they didn’t want anything to do with my BWO imitation. I tried dredgin the bottom with Zebra midges, and Copper johns, and even slung around a big old ugly wooly bugger and still cam back empty handed. Of course as murphy’s law dictates I ran into a good ol’ boy with spinning rods in hand in the parking lot who had two nice fish in the cooler that he caught with Colby cheese. Hmm if I put cheese on a zebra midge is it still fly fishing?