Matt Flinner Trio Winter Harvest, what good music sounds like.

Aside from the way cool cover art, and the catchy title Matt Flinner Trio’s new album Winter Harvest for Compass records is really what good music sounds like. It’s simple. Too the point. It’s stripped down. Dry. Contains no fluffy stuff but plenty of good licks, both hot and cool. Tasteful. Well Engineered. Easy on the Ears. Focused. Complete. Improvised but well rehearsed. Thorough. Detailed. Intimate but expansive. Unadorned but ornate.

I won’t go so far as to say that it approcahes the level of greatness like say, the original DGQ album, but it is in that same vein. A perfect blend of bluegrass tone and instrumentation with the harmonic themes and complexity of jazz. A seemless fusing of perfectly aged woods and wire. An open landscape of zen like pastures with a dry wind blowing across the tall grass. You should buy it. It’s worth it.