How to get your wife and friends hooked on Fly Fishing; more Hillbilly SUP fishing pics

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your wife and friends hooked on fly fishing here’s the recipe.

1. Rent a cabin with a pond right out back.
2. Make sure pond is stocked with fish eager to take a dry fly.
3. Make sure pond has floating dock that can be detached and paddled. (Hillbilly SUP)
4. Bring lots of beer and good friends.
5. Bring plenty of rods.
6. Teach wife and friends to cast fly rod.
7. Spend entire lazy Saturday afternoon getting sunburned and drunk on said pond casting said rods while hammering said fish on dry flies.
8. Lather, Rinse & Repeat

These pics came from a weekend spent doing just exactly that, and resulted in a wife who now wants her own fly rod.

Pics below.

See you on the Hillbilly SUPs!