Tony Rice Live – Early Morning Rain

This is some classic footage of the Rice Unit playing an excellent Fall-like tune. This friday is the Pheasant opener here in Ohio, and it looks like they are calling for rain and snow. I still don’t know if I can get that day off yet, but I’m working on it. If not then Saturday will have to do.

In a testament to how the fashion world just recycles the same things over and over again, the shirt Tony is wearing would be quite fashionable right now. In fact there is probably some over-priced boutique in Manhattan selling that exact shirt right now for like $300. The more things change the more they stay the same. Maybe he was just WAY ahead of time, or perhaps timeless, or maybe both.

Who cares… how they heck can he play those guitar licks so’ flawlessly is what I want to want to know. Tone, fluidity, grace, punch, execution, crisp enunciation, its all there. Like a perfectly placed upstream presentation of a #14 Adams to a rhythmically rising rainbow, perfection.

And it looks like Vassar on fiddle, RIP – we miss him.