Build your own Reel with a Kit from the Eclectic Angler

All brass, bi-metal and all aluminum reel kits from the eclectic angler. COOL!

I saw this interesting post over on Fish Flies and Water and thought it worth sharing. Now you can build and customize your own reel with a kit from the Eclectic Angler. Yes it is a kit, so in the purest sense you aren’t realy “making” the reel, you’re just doing the final assembly. So no, you probably won’t end up being the next Tibor “Ted” Juracsik, but you will end up with a more intimate knowledge of what makes the innards of a reel tick and you might end up with a nice reel for that bamboo rod you just made. Sounds like something to ad to the list, “Some Day I’ll do that.”

As for the “Do it right now” list – overhaul my workshop is right at the top and planned for next week. Stay tuned for the play-by-play.