Video – SmithFly 1X Pouch Feature Overview

This is the first in a series of videos covering the details of the SmithFly product line. This first one covers the 1X Pouch. Enjoy!

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Top Ten Signs a SmithFly Switch Vest is for You.

Top Ten signs a SmithFly Switch Vest is for you:
1. If you ‘ve ever worn out a vest and wished they were built to last a little longer
2. If you wish more stuff was Made in the USA
3. If you find yourself holding your pack/waist belt over your head to keep it dry
4. If you’ve ever wondered what some the “features” on your current vest are
5. If  you hate to wear your vest in a boat
6. If you’ve ever said, “shit! I left that [insert critical piece of terminal tackle here] on the coffee table”
7. If you’ve ever said, “shit! I hate sorting through all this before I head out”
8. If you fish for more than one kind of fish or with more than one tactic
9.  If you just want to look totally bad ass!