Thomas and Thomas Fly Rod Giveaway

As far as quality, legacy, charm, character, fit and finish, fishability, art, science, and perfection in fly rods go, it’s hard to top a Thomas and Thomas. Comparing rods from various makers at this level is like comparing supermodel girlfriends you could do it but, why? Just count your blessings and enjoy the time you get to spend with her.

Yesterday, T&T announced that they will be giving away your choice of rods to one person who “likes” them onF-book follows them on Twitter or subscribes to their newsletter. So what are you waiting for, go get it done and maybe you could own a super model fly rod of your own for no more than the cost of a click or two.

Here are some details from their announcement:

When we reach 800 likes on Facebook, 800 follows on Twitter and 800 subscribers to our monthly newsletter, we will draw one lucky winner from that pool. That winner will be able to select one rod from any line that is presently in the T&T catalog—except for bamboo. Our apologies to the T&T bamboo faithful.

One rod from any line, in any weight and any length. HelixHorizon IINS5SSSTNTSpey,Switch and even Heirloom glass lines are all fair game. From big salt to small stream, the choice is yours.

Scott behind the scenes.

The folks over on Moldy Chum posted this nice behind the scenes look at Scott Fly Rod created by Ben and Travis at Felt Soul Media. I hate to keep beating the same drum, but made in the USA, right on!

Since, as my day job, I work for one of the a largest branding firms in the world, I’d like to point out that this is the best kind of honest, cut and dried, straight to the bone branding messages that a company can hope for. At the end of this I was ready to write a check for my next rod. It’s not flashy, it doesn’t say anything about technology or cutting edge anything. It just makes you feel like when you buy a Scott fly rod, you’re supporting good people, who are passionate about fishing. And that’s the most powerful message a brand can own. Good job boys, and schman.

Graphene! Could a clear fly rod be in your future?

Graphene: A one atom thick bit of chicken wire.

Unless you’ve been out of touch and off on the Kvijak hooking giant Rainbows you’ve probably heard that the Nobel Prize for Physics went to some guys who discovered this stuff called Graphene.

Graphene is a one-atom-thick planar sheet of sp2-bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice.

Why do I think my readership, a bunch of misanthropic troglodytes, would be interested in some new fangled technology, like graphene?

Because I think that maybe this Graphene stuff could be layered up to make a more stealthy fly rod, – A CLEAR ONE!

Thats right a clear fly rod.

Pair that up with the new more stealthy clear fly lines and we are talking about the ultimate, spooky fish hunting tools. Don’t get me wrong I love bamboo and all that traditional stuff, but if I could have clear fly rod that preforms as well as an opaque one, sign me up!

There are certain circumstances where that would be a nice advantage.

So here is the message to the fly rod designers, take a page from Gary Loomis’s textbook and go stand out in the parking lot where these guys work and when they come out ask them how to layer this stuff up, glue it together and wrap it around a mandrel. That is a recipe for GOLD I tell you!