Beaver Island write up on Midcurrent

I was featured in a nice pic by Jason Tucker author of the  Fontinalis Rising blog over on Midcurrent recently. Great read, great piece from a great day on the water! Here’s the pic and the nice hook from the article, great work Jason!

By now most fly anglers have heard about the fantastic flats-style carp fishing found in northern Lake Michigan. If carp are not your cup of tea, read no further, but if you’re a carp enthusiast willing to travel, Michigan may well be your ultimate destination.

Carp fishing is often referred to as brown-lining. But fishing the Lake Michigan flats is nothing like this. It is indeed more akin to fishing saltwater than fresh—the water is shallow, crystal clear, and blindingly blue, and you’re casting to pods of large fish that can number into the hundreds. Many of the fish easily top thirty pounds and it’s not uncommon to see fish well over fifty. As in saltwater fishing you’re surrounded by the sounds of wind and surf and the chatter of diving gulls and terns. Nothing beats the thrill of a pod of large fish approaching, of trying to place your fly in just the right zone, of seeing a fish stop, follow and engulf your fly. In such shallow water the hook-up is often explosive, with drag-searing runs that can take you well into your backing. Numerous bonus smallmouth bass help make this some of the most exciting fishing anywhere.

You should check Jason’s Good Takes interview with the legendary Roderick Hawg-Brown for a good laugh, great stuff.

Midwest Fly Fishing Expo

I had a great weekend in Warren Michigan at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo. This is a very large and well attended show. I owe a big THANK YOU to Cameron Mortenson of the Fiberglass Manifesto and Jason Tucker from Fontinalis Rising for letting me crash on their couch. I met tons of great people, had a blast, and sold a bunch of SmithFly El Poquitos!

I had a sample of my new hat at the show as well as the rest of my stuff which is currently SOLD OUT. See hat sample below, cut and sewn in the USA, right in Steelhead Alley!