Barry, the Biggest Carp in class, found in the road?

Its not very often that I get to report local news especially local news that is pertinent to all this stuff I ramble on about over here. So it is with great pleasure that I post this totally interesting story of a giant carp found in the middle of a road not to far form Fiddle and Creel World Headquarters.

This carp must have gotten lost looking for a bigger mulberry bush.

The factual account can be found overe here at the Dayton Daily News site, boring!

A fictional account of what actually happened from eye witness reports obtained from exclusive interviews by Fiddle and Creel staff follows.

It was a warm muggy night and Barry, the biggest carp in class, was looking for an extra snack. His recess time spent playing finball with the crayfish had rendered his damsel fly nymph breakfast a long distant memory and he needed something to quell his hunger pangs. Mrs. Largemouth wouldn’t notice if he slipped out of the stream for just a moment to look for that big mulberry bush he heard lived on the other side of the road. He swam as fast as he could across the pool and launched himself sky ward. While in the air he saw the glistening berries of the legendary bush shining in the moonlight.

But the pull of earth’s gravity out of the water was too much. It was too far across the road, the gravity too much, his speed not enough. He fell to the pavement with a thud. He gasped for water, flipped and flopped and tried to get back to the stream.  He gasped, wheezed, fought for his breath. He  flipped, and flopped, and gasped some more. Mrs. Largemouth was going to be so disappointed in him.

Sgt. Mulcahey found him when the sun came up in the morning, lying in the intersection of Mullberry and Brook Street.