Graphene: The next Fly Rod material, perhaps?

Graphene paper, wrap that around yer mandrel!

Since I’m mostly a nerd disguised as normal guy I secretly read /. pretty frequently and have done so for a quite a long time. Its unapologetically nerdy, the kind of nerdy that doesn’t make for good Spike TV shows or anything beyond just keeping nerds informed of nerdy things. Nothing glamorous or ironically hipster-ish about it, just a bunch of nerds talking about nerdy stuff.

Today I saw an interesting link about a cutting edge material, which I’ve covered before, that I think someday could be make its way into our little fly fishing world – Graphene Paper.

Its a carbon composite nano-material that says its as thin as sheet of paper and as strong as steel. Pretty cool stuff. I’m not sure if it actually has any practical applications in building fly rods, but I bet someone is looking into it, and if they aren’t they should be.

Just go be like Gary Loomis and stand out in the parking lot where these researchers work and corner them until they show you how to use it.

Article is quoted below…

UTS Scientists have reported remarkable results in developing a composite material based on graphite that is a thin as paper and ten times stronger than steel.

In work recently published in the Journal of Applied Physics, a UTS research team supervised byProfessor Guoxiu Wang has developed reproducible test results and nanostructural samples of graphene paper, a material with the potential to revolutionise the automotive, aviation, electrical and optical industries.

Graphene paper (GP) is a material that can be processed, reshaped and reformed from its original raw material state – graphite. Researchers at UTS have successfully milled the raw graphite by purifying and filtering it with chemicals to reshape and reform it into nano-structured configurations which are then processed into sheets as thin as paper.

These graphene nanosheet stacks consist of monolayer hexagonal carbon lattices and are placed in perfectly arranged laminar structures which give them exceptional thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.

Using a synthesised method and heat treatment, the UTS research team has produced material with extraordinary bending, rigidity and hardness mechanical properties. Compared to steel, the prepared GP is six times lighter, five to six times lower density, two times harder with 10 times higher tensile strength and 13 times higher bending rigidity.

And if you are super nerdy and good at math, which I am not, then here is a link to the actual paper published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Graphene! Could a clear fly rod be in your future?

Graphene: A one atom thick bit of chicken wire.

Unless you’ve been out of touch and off on the Kvijak hooking giant Rainbows you’ve probably heard that the Nobel Prize for Physics went to some guys who discovered this stuff called Graphene.

Graphene is a one-atom-thick planar sheet of sp2-bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice.

Why do I think my readership, a bunch of misanthropic troglodytes, would be interested in some new fangled technology, like graphene?

Because I think that maybe this Graphene stuff could be layered up to make a more stealthy fly rod, – A CLEAR ONE!

Thats right a clear fly rod.

Pair that up with the new more stealthy clear fly lines and we are talking about the ultimate, spooky fish hunting tools. Don’t get me wrong I love bamboo and all that traditional stuff, but if I could have clear fly rod that preforms as well as an opaque one, sign me up!

There are certain circumstances where that would be a nice advantage.

So here is the message to the fly rod designers, take a page from Gary Loomis’s textbook and go stand out in the parking lot where these guys work and when they come out ask them how to layer this stuff up, glue it together and wrap it around a mandrel. That is a recipe for GOLD I tell you!