The Infamous Stringdusters SUCK!

Ok actually they are a pretty good band, I’m just jealous, and the video below will help explain why. They get to ride around the US picking on stage in front of throngs of adoring and gyrating young fans, ski, ride their bikes (and tricycles apparently?) generally have a blast. I’m also guessing that at least one of them has waved fly rod more than once, but I can’t say for sure. Yeah they suck!

What they don’t show is how much it sucks to be stuck in a van most days with four other dudes who you’re most likely sick of, but thats its a trade off to leading the “Grasstar” lifestyle.I think I invented a new word there. Grasstar, its like being rock star that most people could care less about, but a certain group of obsessed fools will fawn over and more likely than not request some obscure number written in 1933. Then said fool will proceed to give you the left over pie from their family reunion, or something like that. Anyway they look like they are doing well, and bringing the young people out for some grass, and we like that.

We all know that the folks the Bluegrass community thought were carrying the torch, like Yonder and King Wilkie went the way of the bluegrass dodo bird.

Anyway, I just thought I would make it known that the Infamous Stringdusters suck.