Pandora offers Micro Geners now including Bluegrass!

The boys over at the Bluegrass blog call our attention to a new feature on Pandora. The streaming music site added a new way to listen, micro-genres, and to our great surprise, Bluegrass is now included.

How cute.

If any of you have listened to Pandora for very long you’ll have noticed that their catalog is limited and if you make your stations too specific you’ll get many repeat offenders in your stream.

At first blush it appears that a station will be really good. For instance I have a Tony Rice/Sam Bush station. And for some reason it plays mostly Jerry Douglas? It also plays generally the same tracks from the same CDs over and over again? My tin foil hat theory is that they purchased rights to play only certain tracks from the more obscure albums, in this case Tony and Sam stuff, not obscure in my book, but you know not on most people’s radar. So for some reason I get the tune Brilliancy on Glamor and Grits, all the time on that station. What gives? I like that tune but c’mon does it deserve that much attention?

For this reason I have turned my attention over to Grooveshark. They allow you to make your own play lists, favorites, and play tunes more than once, and even upload your own. So if you want to play DJ for yourself, and avoid some algorithm based Bluegrass-robot then Grooveshark is the way to go.

Today I’m indulging in my inner freak flag and jamming out to some Flecktones: Live at the Quick, its been a while since I last heard this one, but there is something so “out there” about these guys, that it makes it like new every time. Kind of like the cold side of the pillow.

I will need to check out the Bluegrass genre on Pandora and see what it think is “Bluegrass” I’m sure I won’t like the answer.

The first time it plays Dueling Banjos, or Man of Constant Sorrow I will NEVER go back! Pandora you’ve been warned.


Julia Belle Swain

Ok so maybe I spoke too soon when complaining about Lala being shut down by Apple. (hold tongue while saying the name of said company for a decoded super secret message) I discovered Grooveshark the other day as a pretty good replacement for Lala. It seems like Grooveshark actually has a bunch more stuff available for your listening pleasure.

The interface leaves a bit to be desired, but it seems that users have the ability to upload their own content which leads to some interesting live shows being available. They also give the user the opportunity to make a “widget” and hopefully sooner or later I will figure out how to embed that over here. For the time being I’ll have to live with the link above, a good old John Hartford tune, Julia Belle Swain.