Steve Martin and SCR to Sell Hip Waders on Fall Tour?

We here at the Fiddle and Creel are keenly aware of our influence in both the Bluegrass and Fly Fishing communities. We understand that we are viewed as leaders in our industry. We are constantly being hounded by the “press” for nuggets and insights into where the industries are headed both as businesses and as centers of cultural influence.

So it is with no great surprise that we learned about Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Ranger’s intent to sell their own brand of “Hip Waders” as merch on their fall tour. Though we were not directly consulted on this decision, we can clearly see that our influence in these categories is growing, along with the throngs of fans who turn up here every day to see whats new at the intersection of Fly Fishing and Bluegrass.

So thank you all for tuning in, tuning up and tying one on (fly that is).

Proof of our growing influence, yes indeed.

Although someone should tell Steve that not too many folks except the ancient John-o-saurus Gierax wear Hip Waders anymore, so maybe they should offer some Clouveil Hellroaring Wading Pants instead, I’m just saying…