Julia Belle Swain

Ok so maybe I spoke too soon when complaining about Lala being shut down by Apple. (hold tongue while saying the name of said company for a decoded super secret message) I discovered Grooveshark the other day as a pretty good replacement for Lala. It seems like Grooveshark actually has a bunch more stuff available for your listening pleasure.

The interface leaves a bit to be desired, but it seems that users have the ability to upload their own content which leads to some interesting live shows being available. They also give the user the opportunity to make a “widget” and hopefully sooner or later I will figure out how to embed that over here. For the time being I’ll have to live with the link above, a good old John Hartford tune, Julia Belle Swain.

John Hartford Tribute

If you are a John Hartford fan like me, then you will want to pick up this album that is due out soon. Its a tribute compilation made by his friends and musical colleagues. I can’t wait. With engineering by Bill Wolf, even if the music is bad at least you know its going to sound good. However with the cast of players listed in the video below, it will be down right unbelievable. Did I mention I can’t wait. Roll on Big Muddy.