Knotless hooks – seriously, you don’t have to tie them to your line, how bout that?

So, a fellow Ohioian named Karl Beitzel has apparently developed Jack Hooks, a hook that doesn’t need you to tie a knot. Man what will they think of next. And the even funnier thing, he doesn’t even fish! Well I’m not sure these will catch on in the “traditionalist” fly fishing world but a few will certainly try it I’m sure. It’s worth a shot, I guess, but really does it take that long to tie on a hook? Here’s how it works.

In other un-related news Simms announced last week that it will be selling direct to consumers through their website. When I started SmithFly, selling direct was something I knew in the back of my head, I had to do. The decision weighed on me mightily and I seriously considered not going that route. But after an unscientific survey of the other “new” folks like myself at IFTD I decided there was no other alternative. Honestly I haven’t found many shops that care. I’ve had a few conversations that ended after I told them I sold direct, but for the most part, most shops realize, that direct is just another avenue on the web. Certain consumers want to go direct, others don’t. I always thought it was disingenuous at best that when you go to Simms website and it has a buy now button it lead you to their preferred vendors list. I always felt like it was  head fake that nobody needs. Just be honest and either sell direct, or don’t. And at least now they’ve decided to just be honest.