A tribute to Jenny Lynn

Today Jeffrey L. Frischkorn of Willoughby, Ohio writes of his departed friend Jenny Lynn. With a dog name like Jenny Lynn  you gotta think he is into some Bluegrass and we like that. Whatever the reason for the name there is a heck of a pay-off at the end see quote below. GREAT STUFF.

When that commitment is finished, you can expect me to drop two shotshells into the awaiting chambers of my Browning over/under shotgun. The Browning, with its timeless grace but aging bluing, will come to my shoulder and I will fire the two rounds — one by one, sending tokens of Jenny Lynn’s ashes out over the water.

Around my neck will be draped the duel-dog-whistle lanyard. The first and loudest of the two will summon the ghosts, all of them. The lighter-sounding whistle will echo its notes.

Only at that point will I know with certainty that Jenny Lynn and I are together once more.

Before that he even mentioned Corey Ford’s “Road to Thinkhamtown” one of our favorite essays.