Cool new SmithFly hats are cut, sewn and assembled in the USA.

The BRAND NEW, totally awesome, amazingly cool, SmithFly Eye Patch Hats arrived at SmitFly world headquarters this week, and we are totally stoked! They are available on the SmithFly site for purchase, like always with free shipping in the continental US.

Get yourself one before they are all gone. They have a nifty little feature that you won’t find on any other hat in the world. That little piece of webbing there on the side will allow you to attach the one and only foam Eye Fly Patch (coming soon) to dry your flies without messing up the fabric of your hat.

Best of all they are cut, sewn and assembled right in the heart of Steelhead Alley. Where else you gonna find that?

Totally unique. Be the cool kid on the block and have one first!