SmithFly Digi-Pouch makes cameo appearance in BF Goodrich’s Playground Earth Episode 3 “Browns Rising”

Through creative editing most soft goods brands like SmithFly, even the big names, were not featured very prominently in this episode of BF Goodrich’s Playground Earth. But if you watch carefully, and we know you will, a SmithFly Digi-Pack makes a cameo appearance at min 2:36. After all BF Goodrich paid for the production and it wasn’t cheap so we TOTALLY understand why they wouldn’t want our name plastered all over their cool video, we get it.

But yeah we still made the cut, which is pretty awesome and proves that we aren’t making this stuff up.

Louis actually likes the Digi-Pouch. Here is a link to his effusive review:

The Smithfly Switch Belt and Digi pouch, Fly Fishing Gear That I Can’t Live Without


The choice of music is rather nice too, some claw hammer banjo stuff. We love that! Our complements to the production team on selecting some evocative music that captures the contemplative nature of fly fishing. Wait, did I just use contemplative and banjo in the same paragraph? Ah well…

Do you know what the three most difficult years in a banjo players life are?

3rd grade…

SmithFly 3X Pouch now available – get yours today, before they sell out.


The SmithFly 3X Pouch is now available.

Groceries, meat, gym socks, heavies, call them what you want but now you don’t ever have to leave the big stuff at home ever again. The 3X is our biggest pouch yet and will hold more than you can imagine and remain comfortable all day.

It’s is designed to fit across the outside of the Switch Bag and also be a comfortable foundational part of our Switch Belt. It is zippered all the way around on three sides to allow for complete access to all you gear with a flip down front. The inside has four divider pockets to keep you stuff organized. The front panel is covered with three rows of MOLLE webbing that let you hook up our other pouches and components like a 1X or El Poquito. The back has four MOLLE straps to hook it up to whatever platform your hauling that day. It will work by itself on any wading belt out there and it will also hook up to just about any backpacks or sling packs with any size webbing anywhere on them. Now that’s flexibility!

Size: 12″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″

Availability: Currently In Stock; usually ships next business day.




New edition of Angling Trade magazine available for download and in the mail….

Just got the heads up that the new edition of angling trade magazine is available for download and viewing over here.

Digital issu is here…
Summer – Angling Trade

Downloadable PDF is here
 Summer – Angling Trade

It contains a particularly badass advertisement by yours truly. O’doyle SmithFly Rules!

SmithFly Launches Hassle-Free Modular Fly Fishing Gear

SmithFly did a press release today, and this is what it looks like.

SmithFly Launches Hassle-Free Modular Fly Fishing Gear

Customizable U.S. Made Vests, Packs, & Bags Protect Against Wrestling And Fumbling


DAYTON, OH (October 19, 2011) — Designer and fly fishing blogger Ethan Smith just launched the SmithFly Designs line of modular vests, bags, pouches, waist packs, and belts enabling fishermen to easily carry and access their gear. All items are made in the United States.


SmithFly introduced its debut product, a pocket pouch called El Poquito, at the International Fly Tackle Dealer convention in August. Its slim design keeps essential tools close and frees fishermen from wearing a vest. In lieu of snaps and Velcro, it features a magnetic clasp that holds tight to waders and belts.


El Poquito is an example of design success in simplicity,” said Miles Nolte, author of The Alaska Chronicles. “It’s incredibly effective for keeping essential tools handy on the water. The magnetic closure is quick, convenient, and surprisingly strong. I can clip it on anywhere: my pocket, in between my shirt buttons, or around the strap of a bag. The genius of it is in its flexibility.”


Cameron Mortenson, who writes the Fiberglass Manifesto blog, said “I recently started using El Poquito and really like how it keeps everything close at hand. It has become an essential accessory for all of my warm water and saltwater fly fishing.”


A lifelong fly fisherman, Smith grew tired of fumbling with traditionally bulky fishing gear and sweating beneath hot fishing vests. “Every time I went to get something out of my vest, I felt like I was wrestling an octopus,” he said. “I realized that the solution would be to create removable pockets that could attach to my bag or waist belt.” Armed with his wife’s sewing machine, Smith taught himself how to sew and built prototypes of his dream products. He partnered with domestic contractors to adopt the same durable sewing techniques as U.S. military products, and used the proceeds from writing a fly fishing article for Gray’s Sporting Journal to start SmithFly.


“SmithFly is all about passion for fishing,” Smith said. “If fishermen have a better, more enjoyable experience because of these products, I will have accomplished my goal.”


About SmithFly Designs

SmithFly Designs offers American made fly fishing vests, tackle bags, waist packs, belts, and pouches with interchangeable parts that enable fly fishermen to customize their gear. It was founded by designer and fly fishing blogger Ethan Smith in 2010 and is based in Troy, Ohio. Visit for more information.



Ethan Smith



Top Ten Signs a SmithFly Switch Vest is for You.

Top Ten signs a SmithFly Switch Vest is for you:
1. If you ‘ve ever worn out a vest and wished they were built to last a little longer
2. If you wish more stuff was Made in the USA
3. If you find yourself holding your pack/waist belt over your head to keep it dry
4. If you’ve ever wondered what some the “features” on your current vest are
5. If  you hate to wear your vest in a boat
6. If you’ve ever said, “shit! I left that [insert critical piece of terminal tackle here] on the coffee table”
7. If you’ve ever said, “shit! I hate sorting through all this before I head out”
8. If you fish for more than one kind of fish or with more than one tactic
9.  If you just want to look totally bad ass!

Switch Kit

Literally, El Poquito was the small part of the SmithFly line up. The Switch Kit is the big part. I’ve been working on this hoss for more than a year, and it’s finally time to drag it out into the light of day…
You’ve heard of switch rods, well now we have the switch vest, and entire switch kit!
Today we fish for many different kinds of fish in many different places in widely varying conditions. One day we wade. The next day we float. The next day we hike deep into the backcountry. All of these situations require different configurations of gear. With the Switch Vest you no longer need to decide, between a vest, a waist pack, or a bag. All our pockets work with all those designs. With our Switch Kit you can have all of them and not have to worry about re-sorting all your gear every time you go out to fish in different conditions or in a different way. You just take your fully loaded pockets and attach them to the different back bone, its that simple.

We don’t know how YOU fish. So we designed a system that you can arrange and re-arrange yourself. Our products are all about you making the vest you want, and then being able to change it up easily without having to worry if you left that critical piece of gear at home on the coffee table. The system can also grow and change with you, as your tastes and tactics change. If you want to start out with a vest that has one pocket, right on. If you want to load it up and pile on every pocket and component we make onto one vest, thats cool too. And we aren’t incentivising the buying of the whole package, we are committed to you buying only what you need. So our prices are the same no matter if you buy one pocket, six pockets or 12 pockets, its all the same.

We think most folks early on wonder what all the pockets on a vest are for, anyway. Heck, sometimes we wonder if people buy tackle just to fill up those pockets on those vests. And we aren’t in some arms race of features with the competition. We don’t claim to have the most pockets, or the biggest pockets, or most doo-dahs, or latest greatest anything. Just a simple idea to have a set of pockets that you can rearrange and recompile based on the conditions and or species being pursued.

We’ve been putting this concept through it’s paces for a while now, and what we’ve discovered is that you can have pockets geared towards specific species and conditions. So your small stream trout pocket may have your light tippets, trout leaders and a dry fly box, while you’re nymphing pocket may have your fluorocarbon tippets indicators, split shot etc. A carp pocket may be filled with Wheatie balls and corn, while your steelhead pocket may be full of intruders, glow bugs, interchangeable sink tip systems and so on. You get the idea.

Most products on the market today are designed in the ivory towered studio. The result is usually the perfect compromise, the perfect middle of the road, acceptable to all but perfect for none, and so crammed full of weird ass features that you’re not sure which ones to use. Our products allow you to create the vest bag or waist pouch that you want, and then switch it out later to something different, when your tastes or tactics change, and they will.

Best of all, like all SmithFly Designs products, the switch kit is 100% Made in the USA.