The Trek-Tech Blog reviews the SmithFly Digi-Pouch and they like it.

The guys over on Trek Tech Blog put the Digi-Pouch through a couple months of tests and wrote a nice review of it. While not strictly fly-fishing it’s a great testament to the usefulness of our gear in extra-piscatorial activities. It’s a brave soul that straps his wife’s DSLR to his pontoon boat in a gear test, but I appreciate the faith in our gear! Pay them a visit to read the whole post.


6-29-13 Gear Shoot-027

SmithFly Digi Pouch, $60,

The Good: Keeps your DSLR and car keys dry as a bone. Room to boot.

The Bad: Still looking for it.

The Ugly: The light grey color doesn’t match the rest of my mint green and burnt orange fly fishing gear.

The SmithFly Digi Pouch is an 18 ounce roll top dry bag (6” Diam x 13.5” H) that is designed to accommodate a Digital SLR camera while on the water. Like the other modular pockets and packs designed by SmithFly, the Digi Pouch attaches to SmithFly’s base vest and waist packs utilizing the military derived MOLLE (pronounced “Molly”, like the lady) system.

Over a period of 3 months the Digi Pouch was strapped to my waist while wading through my favorite fishing grounds and to the side of my pontoon boat while punching through rapids. Though I do not typically carry a large heavy camera with me while fishing, I stole my wife’s DSLR and stowed it in the dry bag for testing purposes.

The Digi Pouch easily contained the Canon EOS Rebel XTi with the base 18-55 mm lens attached. The throat of the dry bag is very wide allowing the camera to be easily loaded and unloaded and the roll top portion of the bag is tall enough (10”; approx. 3 rolls worth) to give the user enough room to adequately seal the bag over large bulky items. The Digi Pouch provides complete brief submergence-proof dryness to your goods as long as the opening rim surfaces are clean and pressed firmly together while rolling the bag closed.


SmithFly 3X Pouch now available – get yours today, before they sell out.


The SmithFly 3X Pouch is now available.

Groceries, meat, gym socks, heavies, call them what you want but now you don’t ever have to leave the big stuff at home ever again. The 3X is our biggest pouch yet and will hold more than you can imagine and remain comfortable all day.

It’s is designed to fit across the outside of the Switch Bag and also be a comfortable foundational part of our Switch Belt. It is zippered all the way around on three sides to allow for complete access to all you gear with a flip down front. The inside has four divider pockets to keep you stuff organized. The front panel is covered with three rows of MOLLE webbing that let you hook up our other pouches and components like a 1X or El Poquito. The back has four MOLLE straps to hook it up to whatever platform your hauling that day. It will work by itself on any wading belt out there and it will also hook up to just about any backpacks or sling packs with any size webbing anywhere on them. Now that’s flexibility!

Size: 12″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″

Availability: Currently In Stock; usually ships next business day.




New edition of Angling Trade magazine available for download and in the mail….

Just got the heads up that the new edition of angling trade magazine is available for download and viewing over here.

Digital issu is here…
Summer – Angling Trade

Downloadable PDF is here
 Summer – Angling Trade

It contains a particularly badass advertisement by yours truly. O’doyle SmithFly Rules!

An awesome review of the SmithFly Switch Vest from the insurgent blogger for hire One Bug is Fake at TFM

The mercenary Blogger for Hire Brandon Robinson in his customized Switch Vest.

So there is an awesome review fo the Switch Vest over on The Fiberglass Manifesto blog today from the mercenary blogger for hire, Brandon Robinson, author of the always entertaining One Bug Is Fake blog.

My favorite part of the review…

The Switch Vest itself is light and comfortable.  However, I am 6’4” tall.  I say that because the vest fit me width-wise after some adjustments, since it’s fully adjustable, but rode high like some super-motivated sports bra.  This was discouraging.  Not because I put “fashion” first, but because I didn’t want to look like Baby Huey on the water.  I called Ethan and expressed my concern and he then explained that I did not in fact, receive the midget version of the vest, but that it is designed to fit like a standard fly vest; keeping all of your crap well above the waterline.  For “journalistic integrity”, I went to my local fly shop to verify.  It is almost the exact same length as the bigger-named vests carried there.  After trying it on with waders, it didn’t look bad at all and the height allowed me to access the wader chest pocket (where I like to keep my keys) without shucking the entire vest.  The only other serious problem I encountered was fly line getting tangled.  Not on the vest though, on the pouches.  I again called SmithFly’s Jefe and he assured me that the pouches he manufactures are zippered instead of the buckled dumpster fires I own.  The 1X Pouch can be attached or worn separately; it also boasts a healthy array of  features of it’s own.  Pure freaking genius.

It’s honest, straight to the point and exactly the type of review we think very highly of. If it had a love button, I’d hit it twice.

Video – SmithFly 1X Pouch Feature Overview

This is the first in a series of videos covering the details of the SmithFly product line. This first one covers the 1X Pouch. Enjoy!

These are now back in stock and ready to ship.

Get yours before this round sells out, and they do go quick!

SmithFly Launches Hassle-Free Modular Fly Fishing Gear

SmithFly did a press release today, and this is what it looks like.

SmithFly Launches Hassle-Free Modular Fly Fishing Gear

Customizable U.S. Made Vests, Packs, & Bags Protect Against Wrestling And Fumbling


DAYTON, OH (October 19, 2011) — Designer and fly fishing blogger Ethan Smith just launched the SmithFly Designs line of modular vests, bags, pouches, waist packs, and belts enabling fishermen to easily carry and access their gear. All items are made in the United States.


SmithFly introduced its debut product, a pocket pouch called El Poquito, at the International Fly Tackle Dealer convention in August. Its slim design keeps essential tools close and frees fishermen from wearing a vest. In lieu of snaps and Velcro, it features a magnetic clasp that holds tight to waders and belts.


El Poquito is an example of design success in simplicity,” said Miles Nolte, author of The Alaska Chronicles. “It’s incredibly effective for keeping essential tools handy on the water. The magnetic closure is quick, convenient, and surprisingly strong. I can clip it on anywhere: my pocket, in between my shirt buttons, or around the strap of a bag. The genius of it is in its flexibility.”


Cameron Mortenson, who writes the Fiberglass Manifesto blog, said “I recently started using El Poquito and really like how it keeps everything close at hand. It has become an essential accessory for all of my warm water and saltwater fly fishing.”


A lifelong fly fisherman, Smith grew tired of fumbling with traditionally bulky fishing gear and sweating beneath hot fishing vests. “Every time I went to get something out of my vest, I felt like I was wrestling an octopus,” he said. “I realized that the solution would be to create removable pockets that could attach to my bag or waist belt.” Armed with his wife’s sewing machine, Smith taught himself how to sew and built prototypes of his dream products. He partnered with domestic contractors to adopt the same durable sewing techniques as U.S. military products, and used the proceeds from writing a fly fishing article for Gray’s Sporting Journal to start SmithFly.


“SmithFly is all about passion for fishing,” Smith said. “If fishermen have a better, more enjoyable experience because of these products, I will have accomplished my goal.”


About SmithFly Designs

SmithFly Designs offers American made fly fishing vests, tackle bags, waist packs, belts, and pouches with interchangeable parts that enable fly fishermen to customize their gear. It was founded by designer and fly fishing blogger Ethan Smith in 2010 and is based in Troy, Ohio. Visit for more information.



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