Sometimes your home water surprises you with a late breaking curve ball.


Sometimes your Home Water surprises you with a late breaking curve ball.

Last weekend I snuck away for the quintessential October evening of fishing. Everything was just right.

The Great Miami River was low and clear, a rarity I cherish. The air was cool and dry. The sun was setting. The breeze was moving enough to rustle the drying yellow leaves but not blowing enough to warrant a wind breaker. It was one of those days.

The fishing was understandably slow due to the low and gin clear conditions. The water was also unseasonably cool which  made the smallmouth a little more hesitant. So I wasn’t expecting to knock anything out of the park, a nice single into right field would be fine.

I waded to some known sections and felt not a nibble.

I noticed that one particular pool, one usually fairly difficult to access because of swift currents and wading obstacles, was fishable.

Some teenagers had just finished wading through it in blue jeans. There were four of them, two guys and two girls. The one couple waded through piggy back style, the guy acting as horse. The other couple waded separately. The young girl opting for the ankle deep riffle below the bridge run. Her blue jeans darkened in the water and she sreiked and giggle as she slowly made her way across. When they re-united onshore there was some hugging and horse play under the bridge. Then they left and headed for home, across the bridge.

As they were watching me cast and walking back across the bridge a fish hit my little black wooly bugger. They watched as I hand lined it in and pointed at me from the bridge. No doubt saying something along the lines of , “oh look he got one.”

It was an average fish. I snapped a couple photos and let it slip back into the current seam.

I fished on to no avail but plenty of enjoyment at just being there on an October evening, enjoying the weather.

I got home transferred the pics from my camera over to my computer and  was shocked! That was not an average SMALLMOUTH! It was a Largemouth, from a spot that shouldn’t have ANY Largemouth in it. Fast current cold water temps — not what you would think of as typical Largemouth territory, but there it was, a beautiful little Largemouth.

It was the perfect  late breaking curve ball that I hit into right field for a single on an October afternoon.



A nice day on the Great Miami

Every once in a while the stars align and things fall into place without any planning whatsoever. I hadn’t planned on fishing yesterday. In fact I was supposed to be installing graphics in Cinci all day. But luckily we managed to get all that work done on Thursday and I was able to take the day off.

It just so happened that Ben was in town for a wedding and was to be floating the Great Miami with Donnie when I called him on Thursday to ask what was up, serendipity.

So, yesterday I spent a nice day on the Great Miami River fishing for smallmouth. We ended up with a few rock bass and one decent greenie as well. We had plenty of cold fried chicken, good and not-so-good beer, poppers, Clousers, craw-dad patterns and a lot of fun.

It wasn’t an EPIC day but it was, just fine. Which means, they weren’t biting like would we hoped, but we brought plenty of fish (30+) to hand. The big ones didn’t seem to be too active. We had one 13″, one 14″ and one 15″, all the rest were in the 10-12″ range. So, while not EPIC, it was a good way to spend a day for sure.

Smallmouth on the Great Miami

I went out for smallmouth the other day for a few hours.

I’ll never tire of them; probably my favorite fish. They aren’t a thinking man’s fish.

They take a fly willingly. They fight like they are 2 times their actual size.

They are agressive, predatory, territorial, feisty, spirited and a truly a joy to behold.

They are native to my drainage and plentiful.

More should be done to develop their habitat and conserve their numbers.

In short, I’m thankful for their presence.

Here’s a few more pics.

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Bluegill inside a Smallmouth, big appetite, incredible.

I got the picture below from a friend last night.

Caught a smallie on Sunday night while out with the wife, he had a good sized bluegill in his throat and still wanted to eat…wonder if he’ll be able to finish that meal, it looks to be heading down with the wrong end first

Switch Belt Video – Modular Fly Fishing Gear, Made in the USA

I hit the water this afternoon and got into some good smallmouth action. The inner tube hatch was in full force, so in between drunken yodels and splashing events, I did manage to have some fun.

Before we hit the water I had the boys shoot some video of me getting ready to demonstrate the Switch Belt. I edited it together this evening see below.

My wife was surprised not to see any “on the water” actual fishing footage of 3lb smallies crushing poppers, but you don’t think I’m giving away my honey holes in video format do you? Of course not! Dream on.

You want to see where I fish, you can find me on the river.

Proof of Smallies in that there river.

So a friend of mine hit the same river last night that I hit on Sunday afternoon and came up with a nice 17-er. See, when you don’t have your six year old throwing your landing net into the pool, it really pays off in the “fish landed” category. But to me, I feel better having my little guy with me, even it means fewer fish to the hand.

Also notice the big bite mark/war-wound/scar on the side of this little bronzy, thats probably from one of the hammer handle pike that also occupy said river. It isn’t blue ribbon by any stretch of the imagination but there are some decent fish in there.

River Smallmouth, even though its a sunfish, I think they should call them sunSET fish because this time of year it's all about the sunset bite.