Uncle Ted is in trouble again.


The Nuge headed out to chase ditch chickens for the camera.


According to the Rapid City Journal the always bombastic Ted Nugent might be in hot water again, this time in South Dakota. Apparently it is unclear if his license was suspended in California earlier this year for supposedly…

…hunting deer in a baited area and failing to get an authorized signature on a deer tag. Other misdemeanor charges were dropped in a plea bargain with prosecutors there.

I don’t understand how it could be so hard to figure out that his license was suspended or revoked. It either was or wasn’t. It shouldn’t require an “investigation.” Probably just a phone call? But “investigation” sounds so much more interesting and news worthy.

Now I understand that we have laws and rules that need to followed, and they exist for a reason. But one of my complaints about our system is that it makes it SO complex to participate in these activities that it discourages people from participating. Hammering people for technicalities like these just seems ridiculous and when it makes headlines like this, it gives people the wrong impression, that the game wardens are out there waiting for you to slip up so they can bust. Ph wait a lot of times they are.

Not only that, but I’m not sure why you even need a lisence to hunt on a preserve that is private property with pen raised birds at your own expense? If you want to shoot someone’s pet birds out in the fields they own you shouldn’t have to pay the state for a license to do that.

I understand that license fees generate revenue for habitat, access and all that stuff. I get that, and its totally necessary, and I support it fully. If you are going make use of those elements and hunt on public land and shoot wild birds or released birds, raised by the state, then yeah you should be required to have a license. But if I own a bunch of land and raise a bunch of birds and want to charge people to come hunt them, what does that have to do with the state? I just don’t get it.

Now mind you, I’m not standing up for old Uncle Ted. If you’ve broken the law you need to own up to it, as he did and face the consequences. And if your license is suspended or revoked you need to pay attention to where you can and can’t hunt, its part of the deal.

But I do think that this sends a message to the general public that if someone as informed about the issues and dedicated to the sport as he is, can flub up like this, then maybe they could too. SO maybe he doing a diservice to the community by being an idiot? Yah think?

Then again, maybe most people will just think he is a yahoo and move on with life? You make the call! Why am I even devoting time to this stupidity anyway… who knows?