On the Road and the River, with the Meandering Boo Boy.

Meandering Boo Boy with a decent and I'm sure "incidentally hooked" bull trout, nice work!

Man, wow, just when you think you’ve heard of all the cool jobs in the world, along comes Sweetgrass Rod’s new position, Meandering Boo Boy. Zac Sexton will be keeping a blog of his fishing junkets and posting them over on their blog. A quote is below. Good luck Zac, we look forward to reading about your adventures. For those of us who are chained to our desks 5 days a week, we applaud your effort, salute your dedication to actual Trout Bummery and give you a big hand for taking a vow o poverty so that the rest of us can live vicariously through your stories.

During a recent conversation, Dave Delisi and I, talked about the revised web site and other shop news. I love to write, and fish more than I do much else. I’ve tried to work, but it just doesn’t work out that well. I am usually found wading meandering streams, casting cane (or one of Sam’s wonderful carbon fiber rods) – if I am found at all. Given my propensity to fish, and tell tall, adventurous tales, Dave and I thought it might be interesting to post stories on the Sweetgrass site, to keep visitors coming back to the shop – either online or in person. We cast the idea to Glenn and Jerry, who were happy to go ahead with the project.

Therefore, I am happy to announce my official designation as the Meandering Boo Boy, and will be posting weekly blogs on the Website. The blogs will cover my adventures a stream, casting Sweetgrass cane. They may be short, amusing stories, details of life in the shop, or just a pictorial from a recent fishing trip.

And welcome Moldy Cummers, this blog apparently got posted to their front page, thanks boys!