An awesome review of the SmithFly Switch Vest from the insurgent blogger for hire One Bug is Fake at TFM

The mercenary Blogger for Hire Brandon Robinson in his customized Switch Vest.

So there is an awesome review fo the Switch Vest over on The Fiberglass Manifesto blog today from the mercenary blogger for hire, Brandon Robinson, author of the always entertaining One Bug Is Fake blog.

My favorite part of the review…

The Switch Vest itself is light and comfortable.  However, I am 6’4” tall.  I say that because the vest fit me width-wise after some adjustments, since it’s fully adjustable, but rode high like some super-motivated sports bra.  This was discouraging.  Not because I put “fashion” first, but because I didn’t want to look like Baby Huey on the water.  I called Ethan and expressed my concern and he then explained that I did not in fact, receive the midget version of the vest, but that it is designed to fit like a standard fly vest; keeping all of your crap well above the waterline.  For “journalistic integrity”, I went to my local fly shop to verify.  It is almost the exact same length as the bigger-named vests carried there.  After trying it on with waders, it didn’t look bad at all and the height allowed me to access the wader chest pocket (where I like to keep my keys) without shucking the entire vest.  The only other serious problem I encountered was fly line getting tangled.  Not on the vest though, on the pouches.  I again called SmithFly’s Jefe and he assured me that the pouches he manufactures are zippered instead of the buckled dumpster fires I own.  The 1X Pouch can be attached or worn separately; it also boasts a healthy array of  features of it’s own.  Pure freaking genius.

It’s honest, straight to the point and exactly the type of review we think very highly of. If it had a love button, I’d hit it twice.

Video – SmithFly 1X Pouch Feature Overview

This is the first in a series of videos covering the details of the SmithFly product line. This first one covers the 1X Pouch. Enjoy!

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