SmithFly Invents Way of Attaching Fishing Gear to Coolers


SmithFly Invents Way of Attaching Fishing Gear to Coolers
Cooler Kilts Help Small Watercraft Fishermen Carry and Store Gear

DAYTON, OH (October 22, 2013) — Innovative fly fishing gear maker SmithFly Designs will launch the Cooler Kilt, a one-of-a-kind product enabling pouches to be attached to coolers, on November 25.

By snapping directly to a cooler, the Cooler Kilt keeps gear consolidated, out of the way, and easily accessible. It was designed for people fishing on small watercraft, including stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and micro skiffs, as well as spin-and-bait casting fisherman and hunters.

Many anglers keep coolers on board of their watercraft to carry water, lunch, snacks, and beverages. They also carry cumbersome bags that are intended for wading. SmithFly owner and fisherman Ethan Smith set out to design a product that easily enables people to attach their gear directly to the front of their coolers.

“There wasn’t a good solution for carrying fly boxes and tackle on the water while fishing from smaller, more nimble boats,” said Smith. “Now you can haul your gear and your beer in one trip from the truck to the boat. The Cooler Kilt lets you put your stuff right where you can access it, without any hassle.”

Cooler Kilts are made in the U.S.A. and will be available in five sizes accommodating cooler sizes from 25 to 65 quarts. They’re constructed of 1000D Cordura, and feature multiple rows of Mil-Spec nylon webbing with one-inch tactical bar tacks. The back of each kilt has snaps that attach to coolers. The snaps are available as stainless steel self-tapping screws similar to those of boat covers, or as pressure sensitive adhesive pads with snap heads.

Preorder for the Cooler Kilt, which starts at $45 (including shipping), is available beginning on October 28. For more information and to place a preorder, visit

About SmithFly Designs

SmithFly Designs offers American made fly fishing vests, tackle bags, waist packs, belts, and pouches with interchangeable parts that enable fly fishermen to customize their gear. It was founded by designer and fly fishing blogger Ethan Smith in 2010 and is based in Troy, Ohio. Visit to learn more.




The new SmithFly Digi Pouch, get ’em while they last!

A Digi Pouch Mounted to the SmithFly Switch Belt, boom, ultra dry, ultra comfy, way to carry a ton of other stuff on waist, damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

We just launched a first of it’s kind MOLLE webbed roll Top Dry Bag for a DSLR! BOOM! See this link to pre-order yours today, this limited run might not last long.

Constructed of heavy duty  welded 18 oz vinyl the Digi Pouch is a first of it’s kind roll top dry bag that attaches to MOLLE webbing. Working with a top USA based Dry bag manufacturer we developed a unique way incorporate our MOLLE webs onto a welded patch in the back of the bag, leaving it water tight. That means that this little ditty will attach to anything and everything without re-stringing your webs. It also attaches to all of our backbones like the Switch Belt or Switch Bag or any other MOLLE webbed thing out there, and there’s a bunch.

The snaps on the webs allow it to attach to belts that don’t unthread from their pads, like those on big alpine/ hiking style backpacks etc. So if you want to carry a DSLR on a the waist belt of a big Gregory Palidsade you can do that without detaching and unthreading all that webbing on the belt or the cynch straps. See now this thing works with a LOT of other stuff.

It’s one of those things that we’ve wanted for a long time now, because we carry big DSLRs with us very frequently and in places that get pretty nasty and wet.

So for all you photo geeks who like to pack lenses and big Digi cam into the wilderness, now you can have it mounted securely to you pack in a dry place.

Our vendor is kind enough to work with us on a small trial run of 100 pieces.

We DO NOT have them in inventory yet, but you can pre-order and reserve yours in the initial run today. We don’t know if the demand will be high enough to continue these in the future.

We should have these in hands for ordering in 6-8 weeks.

Pre-order and Reserve yours today, this first run will go quick.