SmithFly Digi-Pouch makes cameo appearance in BF Goodrich’s Playground Earth Episode 3 “Browns Rising”

Through creative editing most soft goods brands like SmithFly, even the big names, were not featured very prominently in this episode of BF Goodrich’s Playground Earth. But if you watch carefully, and we know you will, a SmithFly Digi-Pack makes a cameo appearance at min 2:36. After all BF Goodrich paid for the production and it wasn’t cheap so we TOTALLY understand why they wouldn’t want our name plastered all over their cool video, we get it.

But yeah we still made the cut, which is pretty awesome and proves that we aren’t making this stuff up.

Louis actually likes the Digi-Pouch. Here is a link to his effusive review:

The Smithfly Switch Belt and Digi pouch, Fly Fishing Gear That I Can’t Live Without


The choice of music is rather nice too, some claw hammer banjo stuff. We love that! Our complements to the production team on selecting some evocative music that captures the contemplative nature of fly fishing. Wait, did I just use contemplative and banjo in the same paragraph? Ah well…

Do you know what the three most difficult years in a banjo players life are?

3rd grade…

A Deliberate Life

As a small start up company SmithFly doesn’t get the opportunity to really “support” much of anything. So when Matt Smythe aka fishingpoet and founding member of Silo4 approached me about helping out with a film project they were working on, there was an easy answer, “Hell’s yeah.”

It helped that the very premise of the work is exactly the same point of origin that compelled me to put needle to fabric and start making some stuff.

To live deliberately.

This is just some truly spectacular work going into this and I’m honored to be mentioned in there along with some other great brands providing support.


Firehole River – Catching is heating up

Fly Fishing in Yellowstone reports that the Firehole catching is looking good. Looks like a good time of year to be there. And I learned a new word… salubrious – adjective -health-giving; healthy : salubrious weather. • (of a place) pleasant; not run-down.

. Despite the salubrious daytime temperatures it’s Fall in Yellowstone Country.

.. The golden meadows and cool evenings summon us to bits of water not visited for a couple of months. The Firehole River has, again, become a catching destination.
.. There are fewer elbows on the river right now. There are, however, massive numbers of voyeurs encircling the meadows as the testosterone laden elk begin their Autumn shenanigans. There are also creative parking geniuses along all the roads: and all is well with the world.
.. Evening caddis fishing truncates the mid day terrestrial frenzy at about 6:00 PM. A few Baetids have been spotted after the brief but intensive thundershowers.
.. Zipper-legged pants, pastel shirts, and $200 fishing vests are sprouting like winter wheat along the banks of the river. Fisher density will increase for the next week or so as word spreads.
.. We’ll let you know when the density of mayflies hits a level that allows even us to fish a dry.
.. More later.

Fly Tying from a 5 Year Old: The Dirty Cyborg San Juan

The Dirty Cyborg San Juan

Doug: Here – tie this on.

Paul: What the hell is that?

Doug: Just tie it on.

Paul: It looks like somebody stepped on a nightcrawler!

Doug: I know but its cool, my son tied it.

Paul:  Why would I waste my time out here fishing with something a five year old tied that looks no better than something a cat coughed up?

Doug: Because its cute, now tie it on.

Paul: Seriously?

Doug: Well yeah, you were going nymphing anyway, this is no different, just dead drift it under an indicator. Last night, I told him it looked kind of  like a San Juan worm and he ended up running around the rest of the night saying “San Juan! San Jaun!” and making laser gun noises. I think he had invented some kind of Star Wars influenced ray gun that shoots worms, which would be pretty cool if you think about it.

Paul: Aw well, ok, just gimme the damn thing, and I’ll test it out. Did you help him tie it?

Doug: Nope, he just sits there next to me while I tie stuff. He uses my old vice and freestyles it.

Paul: Is that lead wire poking out out of that pink fluff?

Doug: Yeah, probably, I think I gave him a piece of that, at some point.

Paul: It does kind of look like a worm doesn’t it.

Doug: Yeah

Paul: Almost like a big nightcrawler coming out of a clod of dirt?

Doug: Yeah he used that brown dubbing as like a big fluffy underbody type of thing and then that big chunk of pink antron chenille I got for egg sucking leach patterns on top and then tied it on with a few wraps of lead wire. So it ends up looking like a dirty cyborg san juan.

Paul: hey, thats a cool name for it, Dirty Cyborg San Juan.

Doug: Just fish it…. (after a few dead drifts) STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE!

Paul: I can’t believe it took that – Freakin ridiculous!

Tony Rice Workshop in Roanoke VA


Tony Rice performing at our beloved Merlefest.


Just announced today, the Ultimate Guitar Strummit, in Roanoke Virginia featuring workshops by Tony and Wyatt Rice as well as Josh Williams, and John Miller. Sounds like a good time. I do think saying Tony has never participated in a workshop environment this intense is a bit of a stretch, but whatever it takes I suppose. He has done workshops like this at Jorma’s Fur Peace Ranch right down the road from Fiddle and Creel World Headquarters. But you know, everybody’s gotta be the biggest and the best or first and the mostest, right? Big Mon wouldn’t have it any other way, competition brings out the best in us. Anyway it looks like a good event.

Check the map of trout streams around Roanoke below. Looks promising. I say leave Tuesday morning, fish Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday, hit guitar the Strummit on Thursday and Friday, and get home on Sunday. Who is in? Thats a heck of a way to beat the February blues right?

And for good mesure here is s clip of Bill Monroe playing an old time fiddle Tune entitled Roanoke! Bobby Hicks and Charlie Cline on Fiddle, priceless.

No fly rod? Try Hand Fishing.

Thanks to my friends over at Hawk Circle Wilderness Education I was made aware of this interesting video featuring hand fishing. So the next time you find yourself hiking in the back country without a rod you can still enjoy some trout for dinner. Yes I practice catch and release most of the time, but trout are really tasty too.

He has some interesting observations about trout habits. For instance he seems to think that when spooked they move from one spot to the other and then back again. This isn’t the kind of thing that you would make up, so I’m sure he has some anecdotal evidence to support it.

You can find out more over here at the Woodland Ways website.

Americas Most Endangered Rivers

A quiet stretch of the # 3 most endangered, Gauley River, where there are no doubt some killer smallies lurking beneath the surface.

A yearly report released today by lists America’s Most Endangered Rivers. There are some good trout streams on here, the top two, in fact. With the oil spill in the gulf rightfully getting most of the air play in the environmental debate right now this might not get the top billing that it might in other more quiet years, but lets take a moment and think about what it will require to maintain these habitats and not destroy them like so many others.

The list looks like this.

  1. Upper Delaware River, PA, NY
    Learn More | Act Now
  2. Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, CA
    Learn More | Act Now
  3. Gauley River, WV
    Learn More | Act Now
  4. Little River, NC
    Learn More | Act Now
  5. Cedar River, IA
    Learn More | Act Now
  6. Upper Colorado River, CO
    Learn More
  7. Chetco River, OR
    Learn More | Act Now
  8. Teton River, ID
    Learn More | Act Now
  9. Monongahela River, PA, WV
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  10. Coosa River, AL
    Learn More
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TU On the Rise: Back on the Air, Woohoo!

Any fishing show that my wife likes is a one good right? As such, I am pleased to note that my wife’s favorite fishing show (an mine too) Trout Unlimited’s On the Rise third season will begin tomorrow evening on it’s new home the Sportman’s Channel . How cool. Frank’s honest / normal guy hosting skills are akin to the venerable Mike Rowe, in that he isn’t afraid to show the ordinary stuff (like getting skunked or catching trout no bigger than a creek chub). What we I like about it is that the show isn’t just one big trophy highlight reel like so many others. Since its backed by TU there are the expected preachy moments, which are good, and not heavy handed at all, which they could be very easily. I’ll be programming my DVR for sure. Season 3 Highlight reel is below, thanks You TUbe!